Leland Drexler-Russell

I imbue the world around me with a sense of mystique and enchantment. I thirst for a sense of wonder that can be missing in a setting punctuated by strip malls and sprawl. My projects offer a dynamic framework designed to allow each participant to be uniquely enveloped by their own imaginative world. My inspiration comes from the amazingly diverse flora and fauna found on our earth and speculative astrobiology of faraway worlds. I have a background in both green design and themed attraction and have combined those skill sets to create intriguing ecologically influenced experiences. I come from St. Louis, a Rust Belt City, I have seen the detrimental effect of neglect and abandonment, and the potential for growth through the rubble. My time in St. Louis has developed a hunger for civic engagement and restorative development. My current focus is to change the perception of green technology from something sterile and utilitarian to objects of beauty that engage their surroundings.
Portfolio: http://instagram.com/transplantdesign